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Saturday, January 3, 2009

MI Learning Podcast Project

Once again, Apple is changing the way that things are done. 

First, there was the iPod
Then there was iTunes
Then there were podcasts
Then there was iTunesU
Enter iTunesU K-12

Apple has provided a platform for K-12 teachers to offer podcasts and enhanced podcasts (podcasts with photos and video) to students. 

The Michigan Department of Education and MACUL have teamed together to create a channel on iTunesU K-12 called Mi Learning. Right now, there is very little content, but that is about to change! 

MACUL organized a search for content created by educators to be featured on the Mi Learning channel. I submitted an application and sample podcast and was chosen as one of nine educators who will be creating content for iTunes. 

My unique contribution will be a series of 25 podcast that I am calling "labcasts." These video podcasts will demonstrate labs that can be done in high school level biology courses. Here are a few of the labs that I will be filming and posting through iTunes: 

  • Termite Traffic—observations of termite behavior and application of the scientific method.
  • Meiosis Poker—understanding reductive division.
  • Yucky Yogurt—how to observe bacteria in yogurt.
  • Dissection techniques—how not to hurt yourself

The timing of this opportunity was perfect- I had already decided to work toward filming all of my labs so that my students could watch them on their iPods the day before we perform the lab. Now I have a wider audience for my work!

My goal is to have all 25 labcasts complete by June of 2009. It's going to be a busy second semester! 

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  1. John,

    Congrats on being selected. I'm so excited to see you leverage technology in the classroom and becoming a recognized leader in this arena. This is a great opportunity for you. I'll be watching (along with my kids)!


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