The Electric Educator: New Labcast Episodes Posted!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Labcast Episodes Posted!

In December I was selected as one of a group of educators to create content for iTunesU K-12. I am in the process of creating 25 resources focused on high school biology labs that will be available for download free on iTunes.

Time to work on this project has come in bits and pieces in between my teaching responsibilities and quest for my elusive masters degree from Liberty University. I'm on spring break now, and managed to edit and post four episodes over the weekend. They aren't on iTunes yet (should be in the next week or so), but they are available on youtube. 

I hope that these labcasts will be of use to students and teachers all over the world. Science is meant to be experienced, not merely read about. I am excited to share some of the more engaging and effective labs that I have discovered with others. 

Materials related to these labs can be found on my wiki.



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