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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review Games: Hollywood Squares

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers will begin to prepare students for their final exams. If you're like me, that means playing review games! I am in my final week of teaching and have dedicated the next four days for review for my final exam which I will be giving on Monday, June 1. Each day I am playing a different review game with my students. 

Monday: Hollywood Squares
This PowerPoint Template by Mark E. Damon is simple and easy to use. Hollywood Squares (a glorified version of tick-tack-toe) is ideal for whole class review.  Here's how you play:
  1. Print up two sets of numbers (You need as many numbers as students) on slips of paper (two different colors).
  2. Pass out a number to each student (one color)
  3. Draw out random numbers (the opposite color) to choose two contestants to play the game. Have the two contestants come to the front of the room. 
  4. Prepare questions on slips of paper and place them in another jar. 
  5. Draw out a random number and a question. The student with the corresponding number answers the question. The contestant then "agrees" or "disagrees" with their answer. If they get it right, they then place an X or an O on the game board. 
  6. Continue until someone wins!
I like this game a lot because everyone is involved; no one zones out! Once all of the numbers are used, I put them back into the jar and we do it again! 

Tomorrow: Class Jeopardy!


  1. What fun - Hi, I am a student of Dr. Strange at the University of South Alabama and majoring in Elementary Education. We are assigned to teachers to comment on their blogs. This assignment is called Comments4Teachers. I will note your Hollywood Squares game for future use. My future students will love it.

  2. Thanks, again. Another great creation for today's students. I'm really fun of "Who has the Biggest Brain". I plan to bookmark this site to reference when assigning morning/afternoon bellwork assignments.

  3. If hollywood squares were to come back who would you like to see on it?


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