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Friday, September 4, 2009

School YouTube Pages

In the past couple of weeks I have discovered two good examples of school YouTube pages. One is from Staten Island Academy and the other is from Castilleja Girls School. I have been talking to the Media director at my school about possibly creating a YouTube channel to showcase promotional videos, student projects, and sports highlights. We are both very excited about the possibility, but the sticking point is obtaining permission to post student images on the web. We have a media release form in use at school, but for a special use such as this we would be required to have special permission from students/parents authorizing the use of the image on the web.

Has anyone dealt with this issue and come up with a manageable and effective solution? I would be very interested in obtaining copies of media release forms upon which we could build our own.

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  1. I would guess that you need specific individual waivers signed by each student's guardian. You might even need a unique waiver for each video.

    Is your district's Acceptable Use Policy up for revision any time soon? That would be a committee you serve on.


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