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Friday, October 16, 2009

Ready to Wave? Invitations Available Here!

I was excited to receive an invitation email to join the Google Wave today. I haven't had much time to explore Google's latest innovation, but I am excited about its possibilities.

If you haven't yet heard of Google Wave, here's the basic idea: email is now a standard feature of our lives, but it was envisioned nearly 40 years ago. Technology has dramatically improved since then as has the availability of bandwidth. Add web 2.0 (social media) tools into the mix and email starts to feel a little archaic. A team of Google engineers from Australia decided to ask the question "what would email look like if it were created today?" The result, is Google Wave.

Google Wave is a mash-up of email, instant messaging, blogging, and collaboration tools, amongst other things. The applications of Google Wave are virtually endless and are just now being considered.

The usefulness of Google Wave increases as users are added. Because of this, I would like to invite nine people to wave with me. As a Google Certified Teacher I have been alloted 10 invitations that I can give to anyone that I choose. I currently have nine invitations left which I would like to give to anyone who would like to try out this new tool.

If you would like an invitation to Google Wave, here's what you need to do:

1. Watch the overview video of Google Wave embedded below.
2. Post a comment with an idea for a potential use of Google Wave (Include your email address or Twitter ID in the post)

On October 22, 2009 I will select the nine best ideas and send you an invitation to join the wave! Good luck!

**Update: Oct. 21, 2009**
I have been following the comments to this post closely. There have been many wonderful ideas shared! I have already selected a few of these ideas as "winners" but I still have a few invitations left so keep posting! I would like to thank each of you for your contributions to my blog and the web as a whole. I wish I had the ability to award a wave invitation to everyone! Stay tuned, I will post the nine winning entries on Friday, Oct. 22, 2009.


  1. I will do a better comment when I get the "wave", right now I just think that Google Wave is like:


    thanks. Ernesto.

  2. I really want to see how Wave will let teachers collaborate across the curriculum with ease. Creating projects for students or for professional development the ideas are limitless.

  3. I'd love to use it to enhance foreign language instruction and travel abroad programs. Planning can take place among wave members in both (all?) countries, and communication could be less problematic. We could plan excursions and places to stay or eat, and we could use the mapping feature to see where we are going to be. All stakeholders could participate in planning.

  4. I teach IT Master's students and hope to use Google Wave for our teams who work on real-world instructional design projects. Since we have virtual classrooms synchronous tools like WAVE can help us feel connected and collaborative! PLUS I think TEACHERS should get first dibs on tools like this to help us all understand how they can be used in classrooms to impact learning!

  5. Together with my friends, I run a website dedicated to movies (in particular, surreal movies). I think Google Wave could be a great tool for us as we could comment on movies, review them, share our opinion, create surveys, create a collaborative lists of movies-yet-to-see, embed videos and more. This really is something I am looking forward to. If you think my idea is worth getting an invitation, thanks a lot.

  6. Wonderful ideas so far! Thanks for posting. Please DO NOT ask if I have invitations left. I have already set forth the guidelines for awarding invitations.

  7. I happen to know one of the invites who shared one of their invites with me, but we do very little with it. So, I'm looking for wavers - just add me to your contacts. =)

    I way I understand Google Wave is: it's more like an online brainstorming environment. It's to replace all those back and forth emails where even the original authors would be hard pressed to explain where the conversation started and how and why it headed the way it did.

    It's definitely revolutionary. Being the only computer science teacher in my district my only option to collaborate with other CSTs is online collaboration. Shooting emails back and forth is a logistical nightmare and then when some else tries to jump in it's impossible. Thank-you Google.

    Now my only problem is finding other like wavers? =)

  8. As an educator, I would love to see Google Wave act as a forum or an on-line version of a Professional Learning Community (PLC). It would expand the opportunities for professional growth exponentially due to the fact that it would not be limited to location(s). Because people would be able to add, comment, or view topics that were of interest to them I believe that it would increase efficiency. Allowing people to have this real-time access to other professionals (not just educators) might make learning / experiencing things that we are weak in a little less 'painful'. The future is going to be very bright as this new technology rolls out. Now if I could just get on this wave!

  9. I am wanting to collaborate with Technology Coordinators in our area of Illinois on providing Professional Development to teachers through Web Technologies.
    Wave seems like a great tool to coordinate and collaborate.

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  11. Jason Green - javegr@gmail.comOctober 17, 2009 at 12:05 AM

    I would love to be a part of a team using this new technology to create and consolidate a better working virtual environment that educates and solidifies communications within and between administration, student body, parents, and community supporters.

    Wave has been designed to combine hundreds of day-to-day operations into one streamlined package. In a sense, it is an operating system designed to support digital communication in a live environment. I believe the first motive should be to create "Introductory" uses with step-by-step instructions in order to assure individuals (users) can replicate the processes easily. Wave will be mostly useless unless it is organized in a fashion that can be easily replicated so that it becomes a educational standard. Continuity will follow once the basics are understood. Creating a standard would help assure the waterfall effect; from administration, to the student body, to parents, and eventually into the hands of community supporters.

    This technology could be used to help uplift the educational system as a whole. Since this is open source, every district, private or public, should be able to gain from the benefits of using Wave.

  12. I work in fashion pr and I can see numerous ways as to how I would be able to incorporate Google wave in the workplace. While attending fashion week, we would be able to partake in live blogging within a team in real time about collections and upload detailed images online. Also, fashion week is not only a time to show collections but also to a time to mingle and party. PRs would be able to utilize Googlewave in collaborative event planning/calendar/guest lists/etc.. And also ROSY would help the US base in dealing with pr headquarters in Paris & Milan. Rosy would save time and money in communicating with our peers abroad. And having something like Google Wave would make it easier for for a brand to communicate across all means of media at once with other people.



  13. Apparently I'm already to late to get a Google Wave invite...

    Anyway, Google Wave will enable the creation of information exchange on a much higher level of interactivity...

    It's Wiki2.0 and Wikipedia could be done over again, but you could imagine it to be reconstructed as a project of the knowledge of a particular group of students throughout their primary and secundary schooling...

    The all of human knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation and each generation has to make its globalisations of the knowledge of the previous one and the new knowledge appearing during their lifetime...

    I don't think they are still many people knowing out of experience how a steamengine works, but there were never before as many humans who know how to use a computer and the internet...

    Society changes thanks to this medium and in my view Google Wave will be the next layer of content diffusion enabling content remix as never before.

    Let's say that the average student will know be able to do what almost only a professor could do some 10 years before: assembling knowledge about a topic and publishing a study about it with reference to the sources...

    Everyone should read "Des nouveaux sculpteurs d'hommes: un enseignement pour débloquer notre société" de Joseph Basil.

  14. Our school district (in New Hampshire) is piloting a program for the state this year where three of our snow days will become online learning days (and will not have to be made up in June). I could see the Google Wave being used for class discussions and assignments on these snow days. Since I teach language arts, I could hold a Wave class discussion with my students and be able to continue with whatever we should have been doing in class.

  15. Sorry, I forgot to mention my Twitter ID and/or my e-mail...



    (I'm not going to give out my mail in a public posting, even though the gmail has one of the most adequate spam filters, so I'm now using for ensuring some mail protection)

  16. Hi There,

    Taking a chance here but...

    I am a Pedagogical Consultant based in Quebec. I am one of 18 consultants that covers the ENTIRE province.

    My mandate is to help teachers introduce and use technology in the classroom. From IWB's (Interactive Whiteboards) to Document Cameras, Graphing calculators and much more.

    It is often difficult to collaborate with teachers and colleagues over such large distances as the province of Quebec.

    Google Wave would be a godsend if it operates the way I have seen it does. It would greatly enable our ability to deliver effective projects to our teachers and students. We already use a lot of collaboration products to do this, but I think Wave tops them all.

    I'm especially excited about the fact that it exploits the XMPP protocol.

    Hope you consider me! Cheers.

  17. Missed the twitter id:

  18. Dear John,

    teaching Google Wave to Italian teachers is part of our commitment, as documented here:

    We are also looking for high schools worldwide to establish collaboration.

    So, please consider our request for one of your Google Wave invitations.


    DIDASCA - The First Italian Cyber Schools for Lifelong Learning


  19. I'm the director of a special education cooperative that provides professional development for teachers of students with disabilities. I can think of LOTS of uses for Wave in our work but my first use would be as a tool for our Inclusion Project. We have teams of school personnel involved in a year long project where they are learning how to effectively integrate a student with disabilities into general education classrooms. Because those teams are in 17 different school districts across large geographic area, this tool would allow us to collaborate in real time as we work with our consultant in New Hampshire and our teams here in Kentucky. Communicating via email isn't meting our needs right now but Wave would fit the bill! One question - if I am given an invitation, am I automatically able to add the individuals with whom I need to work or must they also each receive an invitation?

  20. One potential issue I see for many school systems will be with accessibility and filtering. I work in a very large system (133,000 students) and there are lot of sites that carry value but accessibility is a real issue. They are trying to roll out a tiered approach to filtering so that adults would have a different level than students but it could potentially be an issue. The real issue, in many cases, is that technology is expanding so quickly that many places are years behind in trying to figure out how to allow users access.

  21. I would love a google wave acount, so that I might have a place for Male Foot Models to get a forum to share ideas. We are a underrated part of society. Did you know the person who invented the ladder was a foot model, and the inventor of grass, and hot pockets was also one if us. These are just some of the great testements to our rich heritage. For to long we have not only been overlooked in society, but also in the model world as well. This wave acct will give us oprotunities to collaberate on better posses, better foot care and better ways of life for human kind. If you grant me this acct I promise lower taxes, health care for all including woodland creatures and eqauality for all models. Thank you.

  22. I am a teacher and love teaching science, but also extend to help other teachers incorporate ICT and really stretch their students thinking.

    Personally I would love to use Google Wave to extend an online Year 11 Forensics class to a live online classroom with instant communication, integration and brainstorming. We could also start to solve cases with different groups dropping in information as they find answers to the scenario resulting in live contribution.

    I have also been speaking with my English teacher buddy. She is interested in setting up a google wave class for writing scripts as a class live. The old version would be a student starts a story, then passes it to the next student. Here we could have 30 students at once writing the same story. A group of students would be working on introducing the characters, another on the trial that needs to be overcome, another on the conclusion. As the teacher adds information or twists, each group needs to change the story to reflect the changes. Any changes that happen in the intro need to be developed by the other groups, and equally any spins that happen later, have to be eluded to by the earlier groups. This will completely change the method of story development.

    Similarly teachers could set essays to be written within a wave with the collaborators only the student and teacher. The teacher can then monitor the entire class live, as they write, and continuously add feedback and advice. The playback feature will also allow the teacher to asses the story construction, not just the final piece.

    I could go on with many more applications that I have been in discussion with other teachers, but I really hope that once I get an invitation (from you or from google) we can collaborate on wave.

    Love the blog and have added you to my list of followed.

    Good Luck with your choices and work.

  23. As the English Department director at my middle school, I'm looking for a way for our staff to collaborate on creating unit plans and common assessments for the new textbooks we began using this year. I think Google Wave will solve this problem for us. We will create Waves for each story unit in the textbook and collaboratively add lesson plans, assessments, and feedback about what is or isn't working well - all in real time!

  24. Hey there- I'm a math teacher & a mom. Just like you, I'm insanely busy! I would like a chance to have a running discussion with my colleagues in the snippets of time that we have free to work together. I think we could collaborate in a way that we never have before. :)

  25. I'm a EFL teacher from Jujuy Argentina and as internet is like a door to new things for my students because everything is far from where we live I think that this interesting tool could help us in our school to make things easier as we don't have any kind of educational programme that help us integrate new technologies in our schools so it is hard to share ideas or to communicat and it seems a quite useful tool to be more and easily connected. Well I hope we have the chance to try and use google wave. Anyway thanks a lot for sharing and post about these things that help us teachers around the world. skype ID (ijijujuy)

  26. In reading the other posts and the original blog on the electric educator page, I would recommend the website The thing about wave and other technology use is that it is a fundamental shift to how things have been done. Moving away from text books to "real-time and real-life" content for example. Edutopia is a George Lucas Educational Foundation and really strives to push educators to that next level.

  27. At my work, we often work in teams and share a lot of documents that we edit together. These documents can be more easily shared and edited through Google wave. This will be very helpful when three people are collaborating on a draft. Rather than going onto the server and seeing when the word document is finished with editing, we can use Google Wave.

  28. I'd like to use it for collaborative family history research. It should be much more effective than forwarding emails among a group and more personal than a forum.
    mgorey @

  29. communication is what i think is the most potential use of the google wave. everything depends on communication and google wave includes everything, it's like a box of surprises that can give you every tool for communication.

  30. My aim for Google wave is extending what my PLN already does via twitter - as a primary school teacher in NZ I'm innovating (not sure if that's a word or not) an eLearning classroom with 7-9 year olds - a lot of my ideas are thrashed out via twitter & email with people in my PLN - Google Wave would make that a lot easier to manage.

  31. One of the advantages of Google wave will be "Globalization". This way people from different cultures who speak different languages, can communicate with each other. Thus, bringing them closer to one another, another step in the direction of making this world a real "village". I spent two years in Germany for my Masters degree which was in English, where I also spent some of time in learning German. I could not communicate with some of people at University there because I could not speak German at first, By using Google wave I could have communicated with those people as well and this would have also helped me to learn German more quickly.
    In short Google wave will bring different cultures of the world closer, thus, bringing more peace and harmony to the world.

  32. ZZenovka above is or twitter @Zzenovka, though I guess that is not obvious from the post! I thought it would include the email, since I commented as "Google Account."

  33. I am simply a Google fan who teaches adult education classes highlighting new features each semester. My enthusiasm got ahead of me, and I scheduled a class demonstrating Google Wave. I was sure I could get a beta version in time, but not yet. Three weeks till classtime. Help! I need an invitation!

  34. Hi, I'm an English teacher. I can think of at least three great uses for Wave:

    1. Collaboration within and between departments (during meetings for taking notes, in lieu of meetings, etc.).
    2. More interesting to me is using Wave with my students—I've had them using a Ning for commenting on each other's work, but it's still very linear. Wave would give them more flexible options.
    3. Collaborative annotation/close reading of texts. I can imagine posting a paragraph and having my students interweave their annotations to it, all at the same time. It'd be better than something like Diigo, better than a blog with comments.

    My email:

  35. I offer a free online course authoring tool at ( By embedding Google wave objects into course pages it would be possible to build all the collaboration and learning community features that you normally have to handle with an LMS. Asa direct part of the course theree'd be much more fredom to engage people in conversations and sharing of ideas, instead of redirecting them out to a forum.

  36. John,

    I watched the loooong video presentation when Google Wave was launched a few weeks ago and promptly requested an invitation. I've been saddened since then because I haven't heard back! :(

    Then I came across your post, and I am jumping out of my seat excited about the opportunity to use Wave in our school!!!! :D

    I am the technology integration specialist in a rural middle school in McDowell County, WV. Our Science teacher received a grant project from the Challenger Learning Center (which is in some way connected to NASA) for students to complete the mission of managing a real-historical volcanic event in Monteserrat Island. Check out the mission at:

    Since this is a school-wide PBL (Problem/Project-Based Learning) encompassing Science, Social Studies, and Reading/Language Arts, we could utilize the WAVE for our students to record and respond to the Monteserrat crisis.

    Students utilizing our laptops in the RLA class, can collaborate with students collecting data in the Science room instantaneously! Students in our Social Studies classes could be providing virtual geographic information to our Science and RLA classes.

    But wait! We could extend this even further!! What if we extended an invitation to the students in Monteserrat Island! The Monteserrat Volcano Observatory ( provides a present-day account of volcanic activity! According to their site, just last Friday, October 16, 2009, students around the island were invited to the observatory to see what the MVO was all about!

    Wouldn't it be cool for those students to know that there were students in WV who were interested in their world, and studying historical volcanic eruptions and planning their evacuation route! Students in Monteserrat could provide real photographs of their islands.

    I could go on and on, expanding the learning opportunities! Again, I am excited about this opportunity to use Google Wave in our school. This is only one example of how I would integrate the Wave technology in our school.

    I look forward to your response. My email address is: Thank you for this opportunity to apply.

  37. I work at the Career Center Middle College High School. Our construction classes are building a house closeby. We have a mobile lab onsite that is wired for high speed internet and close circuit observation back at the high school. The idea is to integrate the building of the house into our academic curriculum.

    I think googlewave would be a perfect way for teachers and students to collaborate with whoever is at the mobile lab on the construction site. It would also make it easier for the staff to coordinate lessons and lesson planning. The instant communication tools would allow us to look at pictures...maybe solve geometry problems in math class and then communicate back to the site. Look up regulations for licensing in civics and communicate back. The possibilities are endless.

  38. I've been selected as the "IT-assistant" in my school, helping other students with any problem they may have with their laptops.

    With google wave I would like to set up a database for FAQs and link it to wave so that other students may log in to the database and ask their questions regarding computer issues right there in that wave. Real time support in an easy to handle interface. :)

    Would gladly accept an invite to try and make this a possibility.
    /Kurosh S. @KurreS

  39. I would like to use wave with the teachers I collaborate with on tech projects.

  40. Hoping to get an invite to Wave. Watched the intro this summer, long as it was, then watched it again. Then I sent it out to everyone I thought might watch it. I'm a middle school administrator piloting iPod touches in a 1to1 setting, 500 now, we'll have all 700 by month's end. Hoping to Wave to pull all contacts, networks, projects under one roof and in real time to share the work of mobile devices in the world of K-12. I thinking Waving will help us even as we currently Tweet, blog through Classroom 2.0, share Google docs, Skype... I know choosing will be really hard but please consider me.
    twitter wellssusan

  41. I will be the instructional/tech coach for 6 classrooms that are designed to be tech rich learning environments for 4th and 5th graders. The students (in 2 schools) are also in a dual-language immersion program.
    Google Wave presents an enticing opportunity to facilitate communication, collaboration and connections, both among the teachers and the students--within our district and also across state and national boundaries.
    As we have been designing this project, we have been incorporating a number of tools to open up our students' ability to work together; the potential for Wave to incorporate many processes in one frame is overwhelming.

  42. Hi John,

    Thanks for the opportunity to present the ideas.

    I'm from Nepal and envisioning a prototype school in Mustang village one of the most remote place on earth where we could test the eLearning ( Distance Education combined with Face to Face ) to those less privileged leveraging wireless internet technology and Google Wave and other social media like Ning.

    Wireless Internet Technology - Being one of the most remote and mountainous area, it is the best option I think.

    Social Media like Ning - to create private student users in a private social network environment where any one from any where can interact, collaborate and learn. That way the students don't have to be confined within the 4 walls of a classroom. Rather could do interactive learning world wide. ( Wondering if it would be better on Facebook for wider students access)

    Google Wave- We could use this among volunteer teachers and students from different parts of the world that are interested to help the school. It would be a common platform to share, collaborate lessons and deliver the digital contents to those students in the rural village.

    One of the problems we have in rural villages in the mountains is that the cost of carrying those physical books to the village is so high, that the education becomes expensive and it is not affordable to a simple farmer to send their kids to the school. Another major problem is that the talented teachers are not motivated at all to go to the villages rather be in the big cities to enjoy the benefits that Big cities offer. ( I wouldn't blame them also. It is just the human nature.)

    But now we have a chance to solve these problems by implementing technology while delivering eEducation. We can deliver the digital books without having the porters to carry them up to the mountains and also deliver the digital contents to the students in the villages by utilizing the same talented teachers without having them to go to the villages.

    I see a great future where for the first time in the history that we can provide education to the poorest people of those remote villages at a very low cost that is affordable or could be funded by Education Foundation backed by social entrepreneurs around the world. I'm excited and thrilled about the future. I'm very positive that we can make a difference.


    Nash Sherchan (Facebook)

  43. I would like to use Google Wave for professional development in my school. I have been working for a couple of years now with other teachers in my school on a circular process that involves looking at the standards we are teaching, planning a common lesson and discussion teaching methods in detail, creating a common rich assessment, delivering it to students, then lastly collecting data and anaylizing it as a group. The biggest problem we have had is time. There is little common time in the day so we have naturally turned to using more and more online tools. Email, google docs, are examples of how we have collaborated and still do today. Those tools are good but not as good as Google Wave is in terms of an all in one solution. Google wave would be extremely useful and powerful in our professional development.

    Professional development delivered in this way as opposed to older models of "sit and get" or hours on end of unfocused meetings is a million times more engaging and valuable as a professional teacher and lifelone learner. Having Google wave to truly extend this professional development would be a great next step.
    Twitter: @jsovick

  44. Hi there,

    We are students Crossmedia Communication in Amsterdam, Netherlands and we would like to integrate it in our project. We want to investigate how wave can be used in the future and what does it mean to the users. Anyhow, send 1 invite to Amsterdam, we would really appreciate it.

  45. I'm an EFL Teacher in Mexico wanting to live the waving experience.
    I think it seems like a good option for collaboration between partners, I'd love to use and recommend it :-)
    twitterid: angelesb

  46. Hi,

    as a developer I will say for sure Project Management. Without a doubt.
    Handle mails, calendar, tasks, exchanging information with fellow developer, all in one tool.
    Of course this has to be improved but it is an awesome opportunity to have everything under control, all in one place.
    If you'd like you can find my email address on my site:


  47. I posted several responses here in the last couple of days and today a few thoughts dawned on me. As a middle school educator, my role is to prepare students for the next level. My thought is this . . . the next level in reality is to produce global citizens who are compotent users of the tools given to them. Wave, like a lot of other programs, is the next generation in tools. (Like the electric knife is to the knife.) Shouldn't my role be to expose students to this next generation so that they can continue to be global citizens. Thus preparing them for the next level!

  48. I would use the Google Wave to do a collaborative story with the 5th grade 1:1 laptop initiative I am overseeing. Each student has a google account and has been using the apps, but with all of them on at once, it gets a bit clunky. We would set roles for the story, so would be the illustrators and some would be the writers while other would be the editors. The story would reflect the times of the Oregon Trail with students role playing the various people involved in the travel. The Google Map gadget would make it all the more interesting as we could track the trail. Once the story is completed it would be compiled and published for all in Google Sites. Twitter: lori2199

    I'm a student in Cádiz, Spain. I'm fourteen years old.
    In school, we are creating a digital newspaper and it would be great to use google wave technologies on it. Our intention is to win the "Cadiz newspaper prize" so, if you help us, we will be very happy. Thanks for your attention and have a good day.
    P.D.: Sorry if I have English mistakes, I'm from Spain.
    P.D.:I would put my nine invitations at your disposition if you invite me.

  50. Media used to be something that people collaborated with while in the same place (i.e. face-to-face meetings). There were a few epicenters for media, including New York and Los Angeles. Now things are becoming more and more disjointed, with people working from all over the world on collaborative projects. However the process is still fairly cumbersome.

    While it seems that Google Wave would be most beneficial for brainstorming/business/social exchange, I see this as a potential platform that could change the way we view media projects. Imagine sometime in the future if developers were able to integrate this idea with media applications.

    I sometimes do work as a composer, and on occasion I will work with someone in a different part of the country. Currently, we have to send revisions to each other, and we must wait for whoever is taking the lead to finish the revisions before the other one can do anything. Think about if we could work together, in real time, on creating a piece of music from across the country, and actually be able to simultaneously work on a score together.

    Now imagine even further down the road, where individuals could edit a video piece together in real time, while having the edit window, storyboards, script, story flow charts, etc, all in the same place. Of course, we're far off from this kind of thing happening, as the technology to handle this isn't quite there yet. But I see Google Wave as a platform that changes the way we think about thes things, and drives the technology to have this kind of full integration.

    Sites like Facebook are great, but I think the ability to share and edit ideas and real-time is the future of social media.

  51. I'm a film maker and I want to use Wave to work with writers. I just moved and I had multiple projects in the works with people in the last town I was in, they have since been put on hold because collaberation can be so hard over long distances. I hope that I'll be able to work on scripting and other pre production work with wave. I can also see it being useful for working throughout the whole process (production and post production). For post work I'd love to eventually integrate youtube videos into the wave and get real time feedback.

  52. I would like you consider me for one of your remaining Google Wave invites. I am a sixth grade teacher in Pewaukee, WI. My students already use many web 2.0 applications in our class. Some include Glogster, Edmodo, Vuvox, Blabberize, among others. We also blog and email. I have read about Google Wave and it sounds amazing. It would be great to use this application to create a classroom community. My students would be able to discuss, collaborate, etc. in real time!

  53. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog! Lots of cool stuff - I hope to one day be a Google Educator.

    As for the wave, the first thing that came to my mind was group projects. I have had good ideas for group projects that I have not used in the classroom because I know often the smart or more motivated students in the group do all of the work. This would allow me to see exactly who was contributing what to the discussion. So, for example, the students were to work together to create a wiki entry, I could see all the questions, comments, and contributions of each student. Then the whole thing could be posted to a blog (or a wiki, maybe?).

    Another use is to view the learning process as it happens. Another reason to use it is the 'cool' factor - something like this would definitely interest students more than a lecture or a PowerPoint presentation. And ELL/ESL students could benefit from the translation and participate in real-time discussions with their classmates!

    It would also allow students to collaborate outside of school. I do not have computers in my classroom, so if I give a computer assignment, the kids will go to a lab for a day or two - but this would allow one to collaborate from home, another from the library, etc. outside of school. I could even pop in to see who's working on what or answer questions.

    Students who are on medical (homebound) status could keep up and participate in classroom activities. Right now, it is hard for homebound students in my Art Awareness class because they are not in class to see the images. A simple drag and drop in Google Wave could fix that.

    Aside from student uses, it would make it much easier to collaborate with teachers from other schools. I frequently discuss techniques and assignments with another teacher at a different school (we are the only ones teaching a new course in our system). This would be an extremely valuable tool, especially the document & image sharing (we are art teachers).

    It would also make planning events and activities easier - like the barbecue illustration. Last year some of our city's art teachers planned the state art education conference together. A tool like this would have been valuable.

  54. My use for Google Wave: I'm currently part of a group of artists and writers collaborating online to produce stories; we've recently started and Google Wave would enable us to edit & share each other's content like nothing else, greatly streamlining the process (which would otherwise take place over multiple lines of communication).

    email: duskrider2004@gmailcom

  55. I am a middle school science teacher. Wave would be a great tool for use in my classroom. It would allow my students to collaborate on projects as well as create one formal lab write up. It would allow the opportunity to have a class blog where students can add content and recieve instant feedback. I am very excited to see WAVE in action. It could replace my podcasting software, blogging software, social networking and webpage creation software. This would be a HUGE savings for my district and a great value for all my students.

    PICK ME!!!
    Christy Tyler

  56. In addition to the (highly useful) possibilities Wave opens up for collaborative communication/documentation/planning/etc., I think one of the more interesting features of Wave is the ability to embed (relatively) easily-developed gadgets into waves. The fact that Wave gadgets use a live data store shared in a wave between participants (like any other content in a wave) means that Wave could be used as a sort of "universal platform" for small-to-medium web-based applications shared in _real_time_.

    In the context of education, there already exist numerous Java/JavaScript/Flash-based interactive applications which demonstrate specific principles of physics, electronics, mathematics, chemistry, etcetera. Wave-enabled versions of these applets could be interacted with by multiple participants in real-time, in the *same* wave in which the principles being taught can be discussed by students (with or without a teacher's live guidance) Altogether, not unlike a shared blackboard where the illustrations and diagrams function like a simulation, rather than static images - one person moves a slider to change a frequency of an electrical signal or a rate of viral transmission, and everyone sees the result.

  57. I'm actually an undergrad student in Elementary Education, and in the coming months I will be taking a course in enhancing technology use in the classroom. I'd like to be able to join with some current educators to see some practical ways in which they are already beginning to use Google Wave, as well as to be able to comment in class on this potentially game-changing new technology. Thanks!

  58. I would love a Wave invite for the mere fact that I have a professional blog dedicated to Web 2.0/21st Century technology.

    I'm looking to collaborate w/ other educators regarding innovative technology and feel that Google Wave is that next Medium.

    If I'm not chosen I understand and still look forward to future correspondence. I'm now a subscriber to your blog and I hope you can find some useful resources on mine too,

  59. My work with at-risk junior high students requires creating teams of teachers who can collaborate to meet individual student needs.

    I have been struggling with how best to create a virtual team environment that allows teachers, specialists, and administrators to participate in decision making about a student or monitor a student's progress without having to be in the same geophysical space.

    Wave would seem to be the perfect solution to my problem.

  60. As a new district to Google Apps, we are just getting started.

    Wave offers the opportunity to improve collaboration by teachers in various buildings throughtout the district.

    I would also like to use Wave to facilitate the input of many on our district-wide technology plan being developed. A tool such as this will allow many people, in many places to participate directly in this process. What an improvement!


    Scott Fisher

  61. I'd like to use Google Wave with my students. We have been using Moodle for some time and they love it. Some of them are not too bright with new technologies but they love to try new things. I teach language and if I get your invitation, I will share my 8 invitations with them. They will be the prize of next Composition Contest. I teach Catalan language and literature and love to introduce new technologies in my classes. Thanks in advance and congratulations for your work.

  62. I am in search of an opportunity to reconnect with students. As high school principal, I am looking for this type of opportunity to re-engage learners in thier environment, getting back "into" the classroom with technology that will allow for collaboration and transformation of education. While I feel this is begging, your invite would provide the platform to change the way things are done, to create an open environment in education where many are still so secretive.

    This technology, as I currently understand it, will also extend the walls of my school beyond our town, into a global environment of learning. Specifically, I am working with my building administration and faculty teams to reframe the purpose of our school as we create a virtual environment that will supplement our needs beyond 1) the state and national demands for 21st Century education, 2) physical limitations of snow days or a H1N1 pandemic, and 3) (perhaps most importantly) LACK OF FUNDING. In this effort, we are also currently involved with connections to higher education, the business community, local and global service opportunities, all of whom would benefit from an experience such as you are offering.

    I hope to receive an invitation and be a proactive part of transformation in high school education! May the arms of our influence go beyond the walls of our physical school!

  63. We have some pupils who run the school radio station. Every year, we get some new blood as the older pupils leave school (age 13 -16). How good would it be to have information, playlist ideas etc on a Wave that could then be passed on each year with an accumulation of the past conversations.
    The main benefit at the moment for staff would be for our team of three who teach on different floors. 2 smoke and so have to go offsite every break and lunchtime, but I don't so we currently do all of our stuff on gdocs and wave would be so much easier.
    we also have student teachers and they could be joined to a wave conversation and see the back history of the discussion. perfect.

  64. I would use Google Wave immediately to collaborate with; fellow administrators in my district, students in my building and my personal learning network around the world.

    An example of how we would use it? Just today I spoke on the phone with a teacher in Michigan. I was picking her brain about a course we would like to bring to our high school that they currently offer. She had mentioned after we had our course up and running, we would connect the classes on-line. That's putting the cart before the horse.

    This is not the only immediate application to our building, just one quick example. As a high school aspiring to be on the cutting edge of technology, we would look to use it with other educators in-district, and around the world.

  65. Here is another idea that could be used between students from schools across the US. One class of students could create and post any type of written text (informational article, various texts written from a variety of author's purpose, lab results, etc.). The articles could then be posted for another class to view and then they could collaborate on Wave to discuss each piece of text with a variety of people providing direct feedback from a variety of perspectives.

    Keep me in mind for an invite . . . please!

  66. i know it is a bit late, but if you haven't chosen yet, please consider me.

    i think wave would work great if a genuine swine flu epidemic hit. i teach theology at a private catholic high school and my principal has asked all of us teachers to be brainstorming about how we might continue instruction if a significant portion of our students were unable to attend school. i know i could teach through wave... discussions, sharing content, links to vids, spontaneous groups, creating new content, playback, etc. all of these things would be much better than any classroom management program that is out there now.
    mgerm -at- prep - dot- creighton - dot- edu

  67. I'm a teacher. How incredible would it be if I were able to simultaneously collaborate with 120 of my students all at once? Regardless of location and all in REAL time? Google Wave is this answer.

    Thank you for the invitation consideration.

  68. Curious: did you use Google Wave to add the update? To write the post? Seems like it would be quicker than using blogger's interface.

    Can't wait to see who won!

  69. Hi, my name is Adi Wijaya, i am a teacher from indonesia
    please invite me


  70. I forgot my email address and twitter id! It is and my twitter id is astabeth.

  71. Sorry, forgot my information in my previous post and just realized it as I was searching your updates. My original post was on 10/22 @ 2:07pm.

    Thank you again for this consideration:
    Twitter: @QuakerPrincipal

  72. As the new Tech Coach for a ARRA Grant Recipient school this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my 5 teachers to Google Wave. We are using the next 2 years building Tech integration schools and explore potential classroom resources.

  73. As an art teacher I wold love the opportunity to collaborate online, live with other art teachers within my district as well as outside my district. I have a friend at the other end of the state and we have been working on similar projects. We are using our Nings to share our work, but it's would not be the same as Wave. The potential of Wave has me so excited; I want to be suing it right now!


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