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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dynamic Bookmarking on your Blog or Wiki

I frequently come across websites that I think would be helpful for my students to know about. My old method of sharing them was to announce them in class, send an e-mail out, or post them individually on my class page. This worked, but was time consuming as I had to repeat the process for each new resource that I found.

I recently stumbled up a neat feature within Wikispaces that allows you to share Delicious bookmarks. Upon further exploration I found out that you can filter the resources you share to a specific topic.

For my Anatomy and Physiology class I have created a separate wiki page for each of the 11 body systems. On these pages I share my lectures, class notes, and other resources. I am in the process of adding a widget that links to my Delicious account and shares all of the resources that I have tagged as "skeletal" "muscular" or "nervous". Each page now has an ever expanding section of links which students can use as study aids.

Interested? Here's how to add dynamic bookmarking to your blog or wiki.

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