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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Educational Artist

I recently listened to a podcast [iTunes Link] that featured popular author and blogger Seth Godin who spoke about his most recent book Linchpin. I haven't read the book (but it's on my list!), and can't give you a full summary, but in the interview Godin made an astounding point about art.

Art, according to Godin, "changes people. It connects with them in a way that they want you to connect with them and causes positive change." When we think of art we think of a painting, a musical performance, or a play. We don't think of art as a teacher connecting with a student, or a family by causing positive change in their lives. We don't, but we should.

The thesis of Linchpin (according to what I heard in the interview) is that people who are indispensable within an organization do not control systems, they connect with people. Anyone can grade papers, create seating charts, or write lessons plans, but only you can connect with and interact with your students, faculty, and school community in a way that builds them up, encourages them, and pushes them to do great things.

I am an educational artist.

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