The Electric Educator: Collaborative Story Writing with Google Docs

Friday, February 4, 2011

Collaborative Story Writing with Google Docs

This past week I started to train my 9th grade students to use Google Docs, part of the Google Apps for Education suite. One of the assignments that we did together was a collaborative class story. Here are the rules:

1. I wrote the first sentence to get things going.
2. Every student adds one sentence to the story.
3. Students were not allowed to change anything that someone else had written (with the exception of spelling)

My class of 18 was in our media center working on individual desktops. I used Camtasia Studio to record the editing as it took place and did the final editing in iMovie.

Be sure to check out the other introductory assignment that I did with my 9th graders-- collaborative data collection with Google Docs Spreadsheets.


  1. This is awesome, John. I want to learn how to do this...I could really use it in French class!

  2. I just discovered your blog, John. What a wealth of ideas. I hope to find the time to examine more of your posts. As for using Camtasia studio to record all of the revisions - I had never thought of that before a tweet -sometime last week- maybe yours- asking for a product to use to record what was going on on the screen in your doc shared with the class. How neat to be able to follow the editing process. I am wondering if using the record function with my Smart Notebook 10 software would work as well. Is Camtasia Studio free? What would be the benefits of using that over Smart Notebook 10 recorder?
    I plan on attending your webinar on Google Spreadsheets this coming Tuesday! Keep up the great PD.


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