The Electric Educator: April 1, 2011: What Stunt Will Google Pull Off?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 1, 2011: What Stunt Will Google Pull Off?

Okay folks, April Fool's day is just around the corner. Google has become notorious for its April 1st shenanigans. Here's a list of their pranks from the past few years:

2000: Google Mental Plex (search using mental telepathy)
2002: Pigeon Rank (the secret to Google's search algorithm is trained pigeons)
2004: Google Copernicus Center (apply for a job at Google's newest office-- on the moon!)
2005: Google Gulp (Google enters the beverage market)
2006: Google Romance (Find your soulmate)
2007 (Google was very ambitions in 2007, creating many April Fools jokes)

2009: Google Chrome 3D (this actually works, kind of)

This is only a partial list. The fine folks at Wikipedia have put together a much more exhaustive list

What are your predictions for this year? What will Google try to pull off? 

Here are a few ideas: 
  • Google Tax-- move over Turbo Tax!
  • Google Auto-- in a move to compete with Ford, GM integrates Google into all 2012 vehicles. 
  • Google Homework-- A new program that will fill in homework worksheets for students. 

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