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Monday, May 23, 2011

iMovie on the iPad 2

I am helping launch an iPad initiative at my school and was excited to get my hands on one a couple of weeks ago. Last week I had the opportunity to try out iMovie for the iPad ($4.99) while taking 45 9th grad students on a field trip to the Detroit Zoo. Throughout our trip I took pictures and video using the integrated camera. All of the editing was completed on the fly using the mobile version of iMovie. Here are the results:

I was very impressed at the ease of editing a movie on the mobile version of iMovie. Adding, trimming, and moving clips is simple. The mobile version of iMovie is limited in terms of transitions and theme, but it is the best mobile video editing app that I have used.

The only thing I don't like about my video is the abrupt ending. Anyone know if it is possible fade out the music in iMovie for the iPad?


  1. Great minds think alike! I was working on editing my first iPad iMovie tonight, and had exactly the same reactions. It was so easy to use but I wished I could make the music fade out in the end. My online searching indicated that the sound was supposed to fade out automatically at the end, but it didn't happen for me either!

    1. When you end the movie you can select the clip or pic and fade to black, as for music drag the music to the middle of the transition button, it will fade as well

  2. It's not going to or ever will I'm trying to do a project for class and it never fades. I bet apple just forgot to fade it and there covering it up until the next iMovie update

  3. Nice video! Not fading out is my only complaint about iMovie on the iPad. I figured out a makeshift way though- create a voice recording right at the end of your movie and set the playback volume very low (don't mute it completely or it won't work.) The music will fade out to play your recording, which should just be silent, and make it end better. I also do that when switching from one song to another.


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