The Electric Educator: Overcoming the Challenges of Online Learning

Monday, July 16, 2012

Overcoming the Challenges of Online Learning

Image by Jon Watson via Flickr
One year ago I transitioned out of the classroom and into the position of Director of Online learning for Global Christian School Online. My task was to launch a fully online school from the ground up.

A year later, we have a fully functioning program for grades 9-12 with students from around the world! The past year has been filled with challenges. This series outlines five challenges and the solutions we have employed to overcome them.

1. Lousy, Inflexible Course Content - making your courses better.

2. Is that your work? - Overcoming the challenge of cheating.
3. The Hallway Conversation - finding ways to encourage authentic conversations between students and instructors.

4. Pacing and Scheduling - helping students stay on schedule and learn discipline.

5. How does this work? - providing first hand experience to families who have no clue.

I share these things because they have been large obstacles for us to overcome, not because I feel that we have "arrived." There are new challenges that we face and are seeking to overcome. For those who are running or supporting online programs hopefully these ideas will be helpful and allow you to improve the quality of instruction you are able to offer your families.


  1. I'm glad you got into this position but, once again, another good person leaves the classroom.

  2. Being in an administrative position give me a greater opportunity to impact the lives of students and the educational system as a whole. Don't worry, I make sure that I have at least one class each year and will always consider myself a classroom teacher!


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