The Electric Educator: Chrome Trick: Favicon Bookmarks

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chrome Trick: Favicon Bookmarks

If you are a fan of bookmarking pages in your web browser, you have probably run into the problem of running out of space on your bookmarks bar. The whole point of bookmarking a page is to get to it quickly. Adding folders and additional layers of organization becomes cumbersome and defeats the purpose of bookmarking in the first place!

There is a simple "trick" that you can use to save space on your bookmark bar, allowing you to maximize the available space for your most visited pages.


  1. I really like your blog and its content. I get a awesome information from this.Thanks a lot...

  2. Thanks Sir John for this short video guide on bookmarking. I haven't thought of that trick. Now I can put my bookmarks now in the toolbar with out using much space :)


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