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Friday, August 29, 2014

Chrome Browser Update: Multi User Sign-In

Chromebooks are quickly becoming device of choice for schools around the country. But what about schools with PC's and Macs in a shared lab or cart setting? The Chrome browser is a logical solution, however in order to take full advantage of the management capabilities of Chrome a student must sign in to Google Chrome, a process that isn't very user friendly. Signing out is even worse.
Chrome Beta improves multi-user browsing

Today the Google Chrome blog quietly announced a new beta feature that will make this process a bit easier. "Share your computer without sharing your business..." The new beta release doesn't provide too much in the way of new features, it simply provides an easier and more streamlined way to sign in to the Chrome browser.

In the beta version of Chrome, a drop down menu in the top right corner of the application indicates the person who is currently signed in. Clicking on the name displays the profile image of the user and a link to switch users (image at left).

While still lacking a few needed features (such as password authentication and a sign-out link) this update moves one step closer to a workable solution for schools that would like to use the Chrome browser to achieve the same management features and functions of ChromeOS.

To download the beta version of Chrome, click here.

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