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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Google Certification Academy - Expanding and Growing!

Google Certification Academy
For the past two years I have been developing the Google Certification Academy (GCA), a program designed to help educators become Google Education Trainers (GETs). Becoming a Google Education Trainer has been one of the most beneficial and helpful experiences of my life professional life and I would love to provide others with the same opportunity.

The need for the GCA emerged as I was answering many questions from educators who were confused by the process, steps, timeline, and details of the program. It is a fairly complex program and having someone to guide and advise you throughout is a helpful option.

The GCA grew from a single event in northern Michigan in 2013 to over 20 events around the Midwest in 2014. Over 400 educators have attended the GCA and many of them have taken the necessary steps to become Google Education Trainers.

A few comments from past participants: 
“Beyond my expectations! I am doing the opening day PD for my district staff training and have been assigned the Gmail portion so I am more than feeling I can do this!” 
I appreciated the "advanced" pace of the class. SO MUCH information that I can take into my classroom and back to my district right now. 
I LOVED THIS LEARNING!!!! So many ideas, resources, connections. I loved playing too!
The GCA is expanding and growing in 2015 with additional locations and instructors being added to make this opportunity available for more educators.

The Google Certification Academy provides support to all participants before, during and after their certification:

  • 2 Days of intense, advance, and practical instruction. 
  • Access to a large (400+), active community of educators seeking certification. 
  • Practice questions for all required exams. 
  • A large list of study materials, tips, and exam taking tricks! 
  • Lifetime access to monthly product updates to help you stay up to date!
  • Coming soon: access to our online GCA course for on-demand study help
To find out if there is a Google Certification Academy near you visit

Don't see an option that will work for you? Host the GCA at your school! There is NO COST to host the GCA and host schools receive FREE registrations! Find out more here

Becoming a Google Education Trainer has been a very helpful and valuable experience for me. I'm excited to help others have the same experience. 

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