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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Techshare LIVE FETC 2016

Techshare LIVE opened up the Future of Educational Technology Conference (FETC) this year. This fast paced session features four of technologists showcasing the gadgets, tools and hardware to watch. Some educationally focused, some not. Some practical, some not!

 Adam Bellow (@adambellow)
  • Breakout EDU
  • Pi-top ($299.99) - raspberry pi laptop that you build your self. Great for teacher students how computers are built and the role of the internal components.
  • Pizero ($5) - ultra cheap raspberry pi controller that you can use to build all sorts of interesting things!
  • Makey Makey Go ($25) - turn anything into a key. Smaller, simpler version of the original.
  • Wave ($200)  - turns any screen into a touch device. Ideal for large TVs. 
  • - encourages makerspace activities. 
  • booktrack - attach sound effects to text. Creates engaging reading passages.  
  • Tickle - iOS app that interfaces with many electronic devices (Parrot drones, Sphero, etc). Create your own program using the simple drag-and-drop interface. 
Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock)
Kathy's notes and resources:
  • Selfie Toaster
  • Wi-fi connected croc-pot
  • Mr. Coffee wifi enabled coffee pot ($134.99)
  • Yecup - view the temperature of your hot drink and recieve push notifications when it has reach your optimal drinking temperature. Oh, it also charges your smart phone. 
  • Orange Chef Prep Pad ($99.94) - displays nutrititional information on the food you are eating. 
  • Soundwave voice art - turn an audio recording into a piece of art, and hang it on your wall. 
  • Fonesalesman Furniqi - inductive charging table. Charge while you grade papers. 
  • Parrot flower power indoor plant sensor - receive push notifications on your smart device about the health and needs of your plant. 
  • Emberlight ($49) - turns any light into a smart light that can be controlled by your phone. 
  • Tado Smart AC Control ($199) - replaces your AC remote with your smart phone. Similar to Nest or other thermostat.
  • Petzi Treat Cam ($170) - nany cam for your dog that also dispenses treats. Wifi enabled.
  • Amazon Echo - Smart device for your home that can create a shopping list, order from Amazon, research information and more. Entirely voice activated. 
  • Mother motion sensors ($114) - attach a small strip to any object to record motion activity. Attach to a door, pill box, toothbrush, etc. 
  • Nail printing machine ($700-$1,800) - customizable printer for your nails. Looks like a 3D printer. 
  • Samsung Smart Hub Refrigerator ($5,000) - let's you look inside your fridge while you are grocery shopping or even mirror your TV to the LCD panel on the front. 
Hall Davidson (@halldavidson)
Hall's notes and resources:  
  • Google Tone (free) - works like a QR code, but with sound! Easily push website to any computer that has the Google tone extension installed. Install here. 
  • Reverse Engineering Google Docs (free) - turns the revision history of a Google document into a playable video, identifying the individuals who contributed to the document. 
  • Osmo - turn a hand-drawing into digital art. Combine with an augmented reality app to turn a 1D image into a 3D interactive experience. 
  • Kahoot (free) - use kahoot to evaluate the quality of the questions you are asking. Was the question too easy? Did it challenge you? Did it make you think? 
  • Puppet Pals 2 (iOS App - $5.99) - import JPG images from PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentation, etc to turn your presentation tool into an engaging presentation. 
  • Digital Picture Frames - turn an LCD screen into a showcase for digital student work. The next generation of the poster board in schools. 
  • Polaroid ($99) - the NEW instamatic! Takes digital prints and prints them immediately. 
  • Polymer Braille - highlight text on a computer screen and Polymer Braille will translate the text into Braille. 
  • Create your own holigram machine using your phone and overhead transparency film!
  • Daqri VR Helmet - the future of augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 
Leslie Fisher (@lesliefisher)
  • Lillie Selfie Drone ($799)
  • Terrafugia TF-X - flying helicopter car
  • Google Photos (free) -  auto organize and sort your photos. Uses Google's amazing image recognition technology to find and display photos that you search for.
  • See Saw (free for individuals, $ for districts) - multi-platform student portfolio tool. Students can send media (text, photos, video) from any device (iOS, Android, Chromebook, Web) to their portfolio. Teacher can review, comment, and publish content as desired. 
  • Formative - formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create next-generation asessment items, send them to students, and review results. Has features similar to PearDeck, Near Pod, and Socrative. 
  • Zip Grade ($7/year) - next generation scan-tron tool. Students fill in bubbles on paper test key. take a picture with the Zip grade iOS app to grade student work. Technology is similar 
  • Bloomz - messaging and class announcements in one place. Combines elements of Remind and Edmodo. Great tool to let parents see what is happening in the classroom. 

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