The Electric Educator: John's Summer 2016 Chromebook Picks

Monday, July 11, 2016

John's Summer 2016 Chromebook Picks

Looking to purchase a new Chromebook before the back to school season? Here are my summer Chromebook picks! New models come out regularly, so I reserve the right to make adjustment! Prices are based from the manufactures website and may be lower on Amazon.

The Budget Machine

Pick: Lenovo N21
Cost: $180
A solid, durable device for an amazing price. The n21 features a rotating web cam, specifically designed for science classrooms and a nifty hidden handle. Not a power-machine, but hey, it's less than $200!
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The Tank

Pick: Dell Chromebook 11
Cost: $219
Dell made significant improvements on their second Chromebook. The Dell 11 features a really nice barrel hinge that extends all of the way through the screen. The Dell 11 can also be easily repaired, making it a great device for schools. Can be configured as a touch-screen.
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Performance Machine

Pick: HP Chromebook 13
Cost: $499
Other than the $1,200 Chromebook Pixel, this is the best device on the market. HD Screen, fast processor, 4GB of RAM. My only dissapointment is the lack of a touchscreen option. 
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Cool Factor

Pick: Acer R11
The R11 is a convertable, 3-in-1 device and features a standard touch-screen. With Android Apps coming to ChromeOS, this is an awesome device.
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