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Thursday, November 17, 2016

📚 Announcing The Chromebook Classroom! 📚

Two years ago, I decided to write a book. It was easy at first. I had lots of ideas, had enjoyable conversations with various people about those ideas, and starting sketching out the basic outline for the book.

Then it got harder. A lot harder. Writing is a slow, solitary, grind.
I decided that I needed some help (and accountability) for this project. So I asked my PLN if they would be interested in helping develop content for my book. Over 60 individuals said yes! They contributed lesson ideas, technical help, and reviewed my early drafts.

Writing early drafts of The Chromebook Classroom
We even met together in June of 2015 to work on this project together. Here a picture to prove it!

After more editing, reviews, and revisions, we had a finished manuscript that was ready for design and print!

Today, I am excited to officially announce the release of The Chromebook Classroom, the first detailed exploration of the use of Chromebooks in the K-12 classroom!

Starting today, The Chromebook Classroom is available from or for $24.95 (print) or $9.97 (digital). Bulk ordering options are also available.

Buy a copy of The Chromebook Classroom from between now and Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) and save 25%! That's only $18.75!

I am very proud of the final product and grateful to all those who helped make this project a success!

Books are meant to be read and I believe that this book can help educators use technology more effectively. I hope you will consider purchasing a copy for yourself, a friend, or a colleague.

Purchase the Chromebook Classroom from or
The Chromebook Classroom is available from Amazon or

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