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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lesson Ideas for #Chromebook Classrooms: Collaborative #Math Study Guides

Note: this lesson idea is an excerpt from my book, The Chromebook Classroom. If you find this lesson helpful, you will enjoy the 40+ lessons from the book! Pick up a copy on Amazon or at!

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else! For this activity, students who need to learn materials for an upcoming test will use the Ziteboard whiteboard extension to solve a math problem while recording their solution using Screencastify. Students will add their recording to a class Google Slides presentation so that everyone can review this problem type.

Lesson Overview

Give each student a different problem to solve. Provide them with time to review and practice the steps. If students are unfamiliar with Ziteboard and Screencastify, you may need to provide additional time for them to practice with these tools.

Students will use Screencastify to record the steps required to solve their assigned problem. Ziteboard provides a writeable surface ideal for showing work. Ziteboard works great on touchscreen chromebooks. Screencastify will record both the screen activity and the students voice.

The finished Screencastify recording should be saved to the students Google Drive account. Students will need to make the recording visible to "anyone with the link".

The final step is to have students place their links into a class Google Slides presentation. This can also be done in Google Sheets or Docs; however, Google Slides will allow you to assign each student their own Slide page.

Each student now has access to a student-generated study guide with dozens of practice problems!


Thanks to Carrie Moeggenberg, Instructional Technology Coach, Ludington, Michigan for submitting this lesson idea!

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