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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Improving Classroom Assessment

My last post, "Google Proof Questioning," started a lively discussion about assessment in the age of Google. Although I haven't posted in a while, I have continued to pondering what it means to "Google proof" an assessment. I am in the midst of my third year of teaching and would have to say that creating assessments has been one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. I work very hard at making sure my assessments accurately assess what I have taught and that they don't just require students to regurgitate information, but require active thinking and engagement. I tell my students all the time that I could care less if they remember anything about biology, but I do want them to think back to their biology class as one that required them to think deeply and critically, a skill that is applicable in all areas of life. Sometimes I do a great job, but other times I fail miserably. It's a challenge, but that's why I enjoy it!

With this background in mind, I am curious about the assessment practices of other teachers. What types of assessments do you give? What tools do you use to create your assessments? Would you spend a few minutes of your time to complete the survey below? I will post the results here in a few weeks.

Sadly, blogger has a very narrow content frame that isn't quite wide enough for the embedded form. If you prefer, you may take the survey here.

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  1. I use Google Forms as well as Blogger posts and comments by students to assess too. I wonder what web 2.0 tools teachers are using for assessment?


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