The Electric Educator: What can a wiiboard do for me?

Friday, December 26, 2008

What can a wiiboard do for me?

Over the summer, I came across this video by Johnny Chung Lee. This video gained a huge following amongst the ed tech crowd. Johnny Lee's stated goal is to make technology more accessible by discovering new functions for everyday technology. The wiiboard is just one of the projects that Lee is working on. I am amazed at his ingenuity and creativity.

Watch the video below to see the wiiboard in action. Keep in mind Lee is simply showing how the wii remote can be turned into an interactive whiteboard. He does not provide any suggestions on how to actually use the wiiboard in the classroom-- that is up to the educational community, and is what I hope to do through this blog.


  1. Hi:

    Interesting article. It is unreal how much money can be saved by being creative. Good for you!!
    Where did you buy your infared light? What was the voltage required? Thanks

  2. Thanks for the comments, Sailor Boy. I also wrote an IR pen review to guide people as they set up their wiiboard. You can access it at this link:

  3. What software? how did you do 4 pt calibration?

  4. Hi Gail. Thanks for visiting my blog. I would recommend that you read through my various posts on the Wiiboard:

    You can also take a look at the Knol that I wrote on building your own wiiboard:


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