The Electric Educator: Friday @ MACUL

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday @ MACUL

Here are the highlights of what I've seen and heard here today at the MACUL conference: 

Opening Keynote: Alan November
Alan spoke about collaboration and student centered learning. Here are three things that I took away from his presentation:
  1. Create a custom search engine through a new Google application
  2. Use Jing to create screencasts.
  3. Assign a student in class to the be official "class researcher" and arm them with a web enabled laptop. When questions come up in class, have them search for the answer.
Workshop #1: Google Applications
This workshop was more basic than I was hoping, but I did learn that Google will provide a free suite of applications for educators which includes e-mail. 

Workshop #2: Using Moodle
I am getting ready to dive into the world of Moodle next year by teaching a course on C.S. Lewis using the Moodle web interface. Tammy Maginity, technology coordinator at Pennfield Schools provided great information on the benefits and challenges of Moodle. You can view some excellent Moodle sites put together by the Pennfield School district.

Workshop #3: The National Park Project
I am blessed to be in the same building as Karen Bosch, an Apple Distinguished educator and one of the most creative teachers I have met. She shared a project she did with her elementary students this year in which they created wiki pages, podcasts, digital trading cards, and travel brochures on the National Parks. 


  1. Hey, John! Google alerts sometimes turn up the most interesting things! Thanks for the kind words. I am so excited to have someone over at the high school that shares my vision for how technology can be used to enhance and transform education. Can't wait to learn about that WI board from you tomorrow!

  2. Our school has embraced Google Apps for education. If you have any questions just let me know.


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