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Monday, December 28, 2009

Upcoming Posts: Wii Interactive Whiteboard

One of my pet projects for the last year and a half has been the development of the Wii interactive whiteboard. I have spent the last year and a half perfecting the setup in my classroom and am excited to share some of my discoveries with you.

Anyone interested in a bit of background should check out my previous posts:
* What can a Wiiboard do for me?
* Hardware and Software required for the Wiiboard.
* Setting up your Wiiboard.
* Wiiboard Questions.
* IR Pen product review.

For my next few posts I would like to add to and update some of my previous posts. Here's a sneak peak:
* Product Demo: Wiimote ceiling mount
* Product Demo: IR Pen review
* Product Demo: Software controllers for the Wiiboard
* Great classroom applications for the wiimote

For my Michigan friends, I will be presenting at the 2010 MACUL conference in Grand Rapids on March 11 or 12th on setting up and using the Wii interactive whiteboard in your classroom. I will post the details when they are released to me.

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  1. HELLOW! The board is good, but it has its drawbacks:
    1 Very expensive
    2 Needs at least electricity, PC and personal training.
    I have invented and practically tested at school with children and adults A NEW INTERACTIVE BOARD for studying any foreign language in any mother tongue (i.e. at school or home in Africa, America, Asia etc.) anywhere, if there some children or adults who want to learn a foreign language.
    Its advantages:
    1 No need of electricity, PC, or special training.
    2 Cheap in production but profitable due to its mass usage (i.e. if you have someone to teach you would need it.)
    3 Totally safe even for kindergarten children.
    4 Practically tested at school---VERY GOOD RESULTS.
    5 Have real working prototypes at hand.
    6 An additional tool for teaching.
    7 There are a lot of other teaching activities connected with the board.
    I am a practical teacher who invented and tested the idea not a businessman who can patent and distribute THE NEW INTERACTIVE BOARD in the world.
    I would like to hear your suggestions. How can I do it?
    You can contact me; tel. 009945053313379


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