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Monday, November 21, 2011

Skype on the iPad

For many, Skype has become a essential communication tool. Using Skype on the iPad will not disappoint!

Last week I was collaborating with my friends from the Google Educast, a weekly podcast produced by the EdReach network. We hold semi-regular conference calls to discuss upcoming shows, using Skype as our communication platform. Typically I use my Macbook to connect, but this time I decided to try out my iPad.

The large iPad screen provides ample room to view and respond to instant messages sent via the Skype messenger. The call quality was exceptional despite the WiFi only connection. I was also very impressed by the quality of the microphone. Those on the other end of the line had not trouble hearing me. I tried listening and speaking with and without the use of earbuds without noticing any significant difference. I was very pleased that speaking without the earbuds did not result in any distortion or feedback looping as it frequently does when using other computers.

For voice conferencing I would highly recommend the use of Skype on the iPad. Download the Skype App for free from the iTunes store.

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