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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Series: Chrome Web Apps and Extensions

Google Apps for Education has become a platform for accessing web-based tools as much as it is a tool itself. While Google Docs, Sites, Calendar, etc remain the core tools, more and more third party services are being made available.

In addition to the growing popularity of Google Apps for Education, the Chrome web browser and operating system continue to gain popularity as a gateway to the web. For schools using Google Apps for Education it makes sense that they would also adopt the Chrome web browser which is the most reliable and stable way to access technically complex products such as Google Docs and HTLM5 websites. General users are also realizing some of the benefits of Chrome and have begun to switch, making Chrome the second most popular way to access the web.

Because of the popularity of Google Apps for Education, Chrome OS, and the Chrome web browser, I've decided to launch a new series of posts on Chrome web Apps extensions. Each week I will select and review a different app and extension and discuss its application for personal productivity as well as its classroom potential.

Chrome Web Extensions are "add-ons" which increase the function or abilities of the Chrome browser. Some extension provide background services while others are accessed for specific tasks. Users who sign-in to the Chrome browser can sync their extensions across multiple devices.

Chrome Web Apps are more robust and full-featured web programs that allow users to accomplish more complex tasks. Many web apps are built using HTLM5 which enables very complex multimedia usage. Generally, web apps run full-screen and function like traditional desktop programs.

I hope you will check back to learn more about my favorite Chrome Apps and Extensions. What's your favorite? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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  1. Hi John I would like to know what your opinion is on this app (Disclaimer I am the author)

    Obviously this is a Math app rather than productivity!


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