The Electric Educator: Have You Ever...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have You Ever...

Have You Ever....

Gotten in trouble with your administration because of something you wrote?

Had a student tell you how much they hate your class?

Tried something new and had it fail miserably?

Upset another faculty member because of something you are doing in your class?

Upset a parent because of your "unorthodox" teaching methods or projects?

Had someone criticize you on their blog, social media, etc?

If you can answer "yes" to more than one of these, then you are going to do great things. Failure is a requirement of success. Those who are unwilling to take risks or get hurt, will never venture outside of their comfort zone where awesomeness lives.


  1. As a parent and pseudo-administrator who cannot tolerate failure of any kind on my watch, I am completely displeased with your unorthodox blogging methods! Further more I hate lots of classes and all of the teachers around me that make me look terrible with all of their so called "awesome" teaching methods.

    Does that about sum it up? :D

    Good quick post to remind people that we don't always have to make people happy, but we should certainly be aware of our surrounding environments and how to communicate with people to make them feel as though they're part of what you're doing.

  2. Yes, Ben, the key is not to make people angry or upset because of insensitivity or poor communication. If we are fulfilling our calling and responsibilities and people still get upset, so be it!


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