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Monday, March 18, 2013

Top Podcasts for Educators

I grew on on radio. My family didn't even have a TV until I was in high school and we never had cable. Radio was our TV. Podcasts have always been a favorite form of media for me, fitting nicely into the "on-demand radio" category. Here are the podcasts that I listen to regularly.

EntreLeadership (Dave Ramsey) - this is a business focused podcast under the Dave Ramsey brand however the show is hosted is Chris LoCurto who features short excerpts from Dave's business seminars and interviews with well know guests. This show features quality interviews and solid leadership advice and motivation.

The Unofficial Linchpin Podcast (Andy Traub) - This podcast is the namesake of a book by Seth Godin. The premise of the show is to find and highlight individuals who have become linchpins by creating something of value for others. The guests on the show vary greatly, from well know business leaders to regular people who have started or done interesting things.

Seth Godin's Startup School (Seth Godin) - Seth is one of my favorite bloggers and online personalities. He has a tremendous ability to convey simple truths. A year ago, Seth hosted a three day "school" with several dozen individuals; regular people who were starting new things. This podcast is a recording of the event. It's raw, unpolished, and a bit haphazard, but contains lots of good ideas. 15 episodes.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast (Andy Stanley) - Andy Stanley is the pastor of the second largest church in America and the author of many books. In this podcast, Andy discusses leadership principles that are applicable to all industries. Each episode features an intelligent and challenging discussion on a practical aspect of leadership.

The State of Tech (Sean Beavers, Eric Curts, Eric Griffith) - an EdTech podcast with an Ohio flavor. These three guys have a lot of fun together and put on a good show. Each show includes a run down of recent tech news and a discussion of a worthwhile topic. The State of Tech is available in both audio and video form. You can also participate in their live recordings on Google+.

The Google Educast (EdReach collaboration) - A weekly run-down of news, tips, and tricks centered around the Google web ecosystem. I am a previous contributor to this show, but haven't had time lately to join in. If you are a big Google Apps users, this is a good podcast to listen to or watch.

TEDTalks - These 18 minute presentations feature some of the sharpest minds in the world. If you subscribe to this podcast, be prepared for some wild topics! Nothing is off limits. One minute you are learning about Agile Programming and the next you're listening to an episode by the world's leading mushroom expert. I tend to pick and choose which episodes I download on this one, but there is usually something worth listening to.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I am an iPod/iPad person, so I listen to all of my podcasts via the Apple Podcast app. The Podcast section on iTunes is very comprehensive and a great place to find new shows. 

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  1. The eduallstars podcast is a good one also. We interview the difference makers in education. Check it out.


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