The Electric Educator: Pursuing Entrepreneurship

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pursuing Entrepreneurship

I don't post personal news on this space very frequently, but there have been some significant developments in my life that have a direct connection to the focus of this blog.

On March 1, 2013, I left the classroom and school administration in a formal capacity.

I did not have a negative experience with my employer. Actually, I am still very proud of what they are doing and the direction they are heading. I had a great six years with them and continue to work with them in a part-time capacity. 

One thing I have learned about myself over the past six years is that although I am an educator, I am also an entrepreneur. I can't help it. Entrepreneur's like to stir things up; push against the status-quo, break things, and make lots of mistakes. Some of my interests aren't directly related to education; this change will allow me to pursue those passions as well.

I am not leaving education. I will still be heavily involved as I continue to provide educational technology consulting to schools around the world in a full-time capacity. At this point, working to help schools integrate technology into the curriculum in meaningful ways and motivating individual instructors to create dynamic classrooms is how I can best impact the lives of students and education as a whole.

I have a few projects in the works that I hope will be a benefit to my fellow educators. Some are still in the idea stage, others are already moving forward.

In addition to continuing and expanding my consulting business, my wife and I will be opening a retail store in our hometown of Brighton, Michigan. This is something that we've been interested in doing for a while and something that our entire family can contribute toward.

I'm not going anywhere and the focus of this blog will remain the same. I'd love to continue to connect and share with you. Connecting and sharing with others is what motivates me to continue to seek excellence.


  1. Good luck John! You've done amazing things in your classroom and gone out of your way to help teachers throughout Michigan. I know that will continue in your new adventure.

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