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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Skip Counting with Spreadsheets

I have 5 kids, three of which are in elementary school (kindergarten, first, and second grade). We are learning to skip count numbers 1-12. Each week we take two number sets and practice (this week we are practicing 5 & 6). Skip counting practice is a pretty rote and boring tasks, so we are always looking for new ways to practice the same thing:
  • Count out-loud as a group
  • Fill in a skip-counting worksheet (paper)
  • Sing the skip counting song
  • Use math manipulatives
I was recently inspired to create a skip counting spreadsheet as another way to practice and explore number patterns. Using a spreadsheet to practice skip-counting isn't all that different than filling out a paper worksheet, but it does have a few additional advantages: 
  • Conditional formatting can be used to illustrate number sequence and scale
  • The activity introduces young students (kindergarten, first, and second grade) to the concept of a spreadsheet. 
  • Begins building spreadsheet vocabulary (cell, row, column)

Unfinished Skip Counting Sheet
Finished Skip Counting Sheet
We will pull out this spreadsheet periodically to mix things up and practice our skip counting skills. 

You are welcome to make a copy of my template to use in your own class. I know there are many additional elements that could be added into this sheet (self-grading formulas and formatting). If you make any improvements, let me know by leaving a comment.

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