The Electric Educator: About Me

About Me

John Sowash is an experienced educator and school administrator who works effectively with learners of all ages. John inspires educators to use technology to foster creative opportunities and to connect with others.

Ever since John started using a computer at age 10 he has enjoyed technology and gadgets. When he decided to become a teacher he quickly combined his two interests. John supports the use of technology in education because he has seen firsthand how it can engage students and provides them with new opportunities to learn and to demonstrate their learning.

John leverages his years of experience in implementing technology in his own classroom, from the single computer he had in 2007 to the 1:1 iPad initiative he helped start in 2011, as the foundation for the training that he provided for schools and universities.

“It is my desire to provide resources and training for educators so that they can create and implement their own ideas. My professional development philosophy is to inspire and excite educators to further explore the possibilities of technology in the classroom.”

John has led professional development sessions for schools, universities, and governments around the world and also speaks at technology conferences across the United States.

John is the author of The Chromebook Classroom (2016), the first full length book on the use of Chromebooks in the K-12 classroom.

John is married to Nellie and has five children.