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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Web Search War: Bing vs. Google

An interesting marketing initiative by Microsoft challenges internet searchers to do a blind side-by-side search using Bing and Google and to then select their favorite results.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, and widely heralded on their website, users select Bing results over Google 2-1. This link will take you to a short overview of the study however it appears that Microsoft has not released the full study to the public.

I took the five round challenge. Here were my results:

It's no surprise that I am a huge Google fan. I am, after all, a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer. I'm certainly not a reliable or unbiased source when it comes to choose a search engine! The war surrounding search engines is fascinating, however. A web service that was once seen as a waste of money and a "give-away" service, has become one of the most profitable aspects of the web. Everyone wants a piece!

If you're interested in taking the challenge, you can give it a try here. Let me know if which search engine you prefer, if you care, and if you can tell a difference.

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