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Monday, June 29, 2009

Google Teacher Academy Video Application

I spent most of today working on a one minute video as part of my application for the 2009 Google Teacher Academy in Boulder, Colorado. Creating a 1 minute video may be one of the most difficult video projects I have ever done! I really had to figure out what I was trying to say as you can't say much in 1 minute.

I will be officially submitting my video sometime tomorrow. I would appreciate any comments or feedback from my readers before it goes in to the hands of Google.


  1. Great job, John! You said a lot in one minute. I love your graphics - especially your title page. What did you use to make them? Good luck on your application.

  2. Believe it or not, I used PowerPoint to create all of the graphics. They (finally) added a reflection feature in the new version of office.

  3. Good job getting you message into one minute. I never realized how short one minute was until I made my video for GTA Chichago. Good luck.

  4. Hey there,

    I stumbled upon your GTA video and followed it to your site. I teach Science at an Elementary school with very limited resources (no computer lab), and I saw in your video that you were able to make the interactive whiteboard using the Wii remote. I have tried to do this last summer, but could not make a working pen. Also, I ran into a little bit of trouble connecting the remote to my laptop via bluetooth. What software did you use?
    I am writing to ask for a favor; can you please email me the directions you used to make the pen? I used the directions from Johnny Chung Lee's website ( to no avail.
    Best of luck with GTA!. I am submitting my application today, a little before the deadline (my video

    You can email me at

    Thanks a lot in advance,



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