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Monday, December 28, 2009

Product Demo: Wiimote Ceiling Mount

This year I added a ceiling mount to my Wiiboard setup. Previously, I had been placing my wiimote on top of my ceiling mounted projector. This worked okay, but limited the placement of the wiimote in my classroom.

The Wiimote ceiling mount is available from for $24 (18" telescoping rod) or $30 (40" telescoping rod). The rod easily clips on to standard drop ceiling brackets (see video). Removing the bracket reveals a 1/4-20 threading as an alternate mounting method. To mount your Wiimote to the bracket you will also need to purchase the threaded battery cover for $10. Sadly, the two components are not bundled together.

Placement of the Wiimote in relation to your screen is critical to obtaining the greatest performance from your system. Finding the correct placement takes time and lots of adjustments! This ceiling mount provides the greatest flexibility I have found.

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