The Electric Educator: "Google: More than Search" published in MACUL Journal!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Google: More than Search" published in MACUL Journal!

I'm happy to announce that the article I submitted to the MACUL journal was published in their Fall issue (see pg. 14-15).

The original idea for this article stems from the video podcast series [iTunes link] that I published on the MI Learning channel of iTunesU K12. Most people think Google is just a search engine, being unaware of the other innovative products they have produced. I have come to love and rely on many of these products (such as calendar, Docs, and iGoogle) and wanted to share them. I also wanted to introduce some of the more obscure, but equally innovative, Google tools such as Google Squared, Alerts, and Custom Search.

Getting published is no easy task and I am pleased that the editors of the MACUL journal found my contribution to be valuable enough to share with a larger audience. I hope that you find it useful as well.

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