The Electric Educator: My 2015 Chromebook Gift Guide

Monday, November 23, 2015

My 2015 Chromebook Gift Guide

If you are thinking about picking up a Chromebook for yourself, a son or daughter, or your parents, or a college student, this is a great time to get a great deal! Chromebooks, by definition, are much less expensive than their Windows or Mac counterparts, but they have gotten even more affordable during the 2015 holiday shopping season.

Chromebooks, for the most part, are identical. They all run the same software and have access to the same web-based tools. But from a user perspective, the hardware DOES make a difference. You can get a Chromebook at Walmart for $134.00 and it will work well, but I don't think you will love it. Spend just a bit more and your Chromebook will become your favorite device.

Costco members can pick up a super nice Acer Chromebook featuring 4GB of RAM (a critical upgrade for those of you who love loading up a million tabs!) and a HUGE 15.6" screen (Great for loading ALL the spreadsheets!). Costco is making this Chromebook available on their website for $229.99.

But if you want to be the cool kid (or teacher, or mom, or dad), you should check out the awesome ASUS Chromebook Flip a unique Chromebook that converts into a touch screen tablet. All that for $249! I strongly encourage you to purchase the 4GB model for your tab-a-holic. The Chromebook flip features a aluminum casing similar to Apple's macbooks which results in a very durable device. My only caution with the Chromebook Flip is the small 10.1" screen. If you do a lot of spreadsheet work, this probably isn't the right device for you.

Three Chromebooks at bargain prices- one for everyone on your list!


  1. Thanks John! Any selling points on the Dell Chromebook 11?

    1. Dell significantly improved the durability with the 2015 model. The screen hinges (the big issue with previous models) are now reinforced and allow the screen to lay all the way flat.

      Dell also makes a big deal about the status light that is available on the 11. It provides a special Chrome app so that the user can change the status light from red > yellow > green. Evidently their idea was to have student use the light to signal the teacher during class. The status light app is available here:

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