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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DIY Chromebook Cart

DIY Chromebook Cart

I recently worked with a large school district that is deploying G Suite and Chromebooks in the coming year. During my visit to the district I saw a do-it-yourself Chromebook cart that was built by one of the teachers who piloted Chromebooks for the district.

The cart was simple, effective, and very inexpensive to build. The cart holds 16 Chromebooks.  You can view larger images of the cart here.

There are three elements to this cart design:

  1. Some type of rolling desk or table
  2. Metal dish-rack like this one from Amazon
  3. Powerstrips for charging the devices (this cart required 3 strips with 6 outlets each)
Laptop carts can be quite expensive and take away from funds that could be used to purchase more devices for students. I thought this was a great idea and a simple design. 

Have you built a Chromebook cart? I would love to see it! Leave a comment with a link to a picture of your design!

Make your own Chromebook Cart

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