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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scan QR Codes from Chrome Mobile

QR Codes with Chrome Mobile

QR codes provide a quick way for someone with a mobile device to visit a web site. The problem is that mobile devices don't come pre-loaded with a QR code scanner. Explaining what a QR code is and asking users to download an app takes far more time than manually typing in a web address.

If mobile phones would come with a built-in QR code reader this technology would be far more accessible and helpful. Someday I hope that all iPhones and Android phones will be able to automatically recognize QR codes from the standard camera app. For now, that's only a wish.

Scanning QR codes from your mobile device just got a bit easier, if you have the Google Chrome Apps on your phone. As of their latest update (February 2017) all version of Chrome mobile have a built in hidden QR code reader.

To use it, search for "QR" using spotlight (iPhone) or search on your Android device. If you have an iPhone 7, you can use force-touch (hard press) on the Chrome App to access the QR scanner. Select scan QR code to open up a camera scanning feature and allow you to scan and visit a web page via a QR code.

It's a bit weird, but there is no way to access the QR scanner feature from within the app itself; you must search for "QR" in order to open the scan window. For now, this is probably the best option for scanning QR codes.


QR Scan with Chrome on iPhone
Search for "QR" on your phone
QR Scan with Chrome on iPhone
View of the scanner window

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