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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chrome Web Apps: TweetDeck

Google Chrome is the world's second most popular web browser. Chrome features fast and reliable access to the web. This series of posts highlights Chrome extension and web applications, which enhance and extend what can be done with the Chrome web browser. 

Twitter, your source for Professional Development! 
As an educator, the social media network Twitter has become my #1 source for professional inspiration, encouragement, development, and interaction. Twitter is free, simple to use, and is a great democratizing force. If you are not a Twitter user, I recommend that you check out this post for a full overview of this amazing network!

Very few people access Twitter via Although the web interface has improved, it still leaves much to be desired. Most users take advantage of one of numerous Twitter Clients which enable them to customize their Twitter experience in order to squeeze the maxiumu value out of the network.

The TweetDeck Chrome Web App harnesses the power of HTLM5 for desktop application-like features

TweetDeck is one of the oldest and most popular Twitter clients. I was an avid TweetDeck user for both Mac and PC for several years. Recently, however, I made the switch to TweetDeck Chrome Web-App.

Advantage of Web-Apps over Applications: 
  • No need to install the application on every device you own. 
  • All of your clients sync "in the cloud" ensuring that your settings, themes, ad-ons, etc are consistent no matter where you access the program. 
  • Automatic updates
TweetDeck for Chrome

TweetDeck has long been the leader in Twitter clients which is probably why Twitter, Inc. bought TweetDeck for $40million in 2011. The TweetDeck web App looks and feels very much like the application client. Logging into your TweetDeck account automatically syncs your user settings to the web App, a nice feature that saves on setup time. There are a few features of the TweeDeck web app that I really like: 
  • Easy to connect multiple Twitter accounts. 
  • Easy to tweet from any of your connected accounts. 
  • Ability to schedule tweets
  • List-support
  • Add columns from multiple accounts. 
To install the TweetDeck Chrome Web App, click here or open a new tab in the Chrome browser and click on the "Chrome Web Store" icon. Once in the Web Store, search for "TweetDeck". 

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