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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chrome Web Extensions: Bitly URL Shortener

Google Chrome is the world's second most popular web browser. Chrome features fast and reliable access to the web. This series of posts highlights Chrome extension and web applications, which enhance and extend what can be done with the Chrome web browser.

There are two things that strike fear into the hear of any teacher that uses technology tools with students: logins and long URLs. 

Logins are still an issue, but the invention of the "short URL" has made getting students to a website much easier! There are lots of URL shortening services:,, and

I am a user and have found the Bitly Chrome Extension to be very handy when I need to send a direct URL via a tweet, email, or if I am posting a URL on a webpage.

The Bitly extension sits quietly in the top right corner of my screen. When I need a short URL, I simply click the blow fish icon and select the appropriate options. Because I have a Bitly account, my short links are saved automatically.

The Bitly extension does exactly what I need it to do--quickly and simply. If you shorten URL's on a regular basis, check it out. 

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